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The mission of is to spread happiness and banish stress. Calm Sutra promotes proactive attitude, exercise, breathing techniques, meditation, visualization, affirmation, laughter and many more fun activities like music and golf. Calm Sutra can reach you by the medium of books, audios and live workshops conducted by Dr Dilip Nadkarni and his associates.
Most of the Stress Busters endorsed and prescribed  in Calm Sutra, whether it is music, meditation or deep breathing, help us remain in the moment.

Being in the moment ensures happiness and leaves no scope for worry or stress. As you follow the tenets of Calm Sutra and begin to walk, run, swim or dance; you will feel a "high" like never before. Calm Sutra will help you become Aware of your body, your breath, your thoughts and your Action. Action in the company of Awareness will ensure that you hit the sweet spot, everytime. 


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