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To understand proactivity one must first know what reactivity is. Reactive behavior comes from providing an immediate, impulsive and many times thoughtless reflex reaction to stimulation. In proactive behavior there is a pause between stimulus and response. The pause is used for making a suitable choice of response.

For example, a poisonous snake bites a person.

The reactive person would grab a stick and run after the snake to kill it. The proactive person would however rush to the nearest clinic and have anti- snake venom administered.

The reactive person has taken immediate action based on flight-fight phenomenon. Angry and flushed with adrenaline, he feels how the snake dare bite me. Kill the reptile.

The proactive person on the other hand, is shocked and disturbed, when bitten by the snake. Though angry, he does not react immediately. He takes a pause.

A “Calm Pause”.

This pause gives him enough time and opportunity to take a proactive response, which would save his life. Proactive behavior can save many situations and avoid a lot of unpleasantness. A lot of stress can be avoided if we take a Calm Pause before reacting.
Practical Proactivity

By taking a Calm Pause, by finding Humor in a situation, by making positive Affirmations, by focusing on Things I can change, by making the Best out of Adversity and by accepting and improving on the Worst Case Scenario one can walk the path of Practical Proactivity.

For more on Calm Pause and Proactive Attitude you could refer to the book “Calm Sutra, the Art of Relaxation”. Link to buy E book.
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