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Affirmations are autosuggestions or motivational self talk aimed to focus on goals and build confidence. The aim of affirmations is to help the individual think in a positive way about oneself. Affirmations when repeated often start to reside in the subconscious mind. They help you focus and channel your energies towards the goal. They reinforce your self worth and make you feel confident for the task ahead. With positive affirmations you can instruct your body and mind to act in the way you want. You can overcome the barriers that stand in between you and the “ideal” person you always wanted to be. You can truly transform yourself and achieve the personality of your dreams. Affirmations can help you make peace with yourself.

Positive statements are very helpful in stress management. Stress creates and magnifies negative thoughts, which in turn create more stress. A vicious cycle develops. Positive affirmations are a great tool to reprogram your subconscious mind from negative thinking to positive. The idea is to take positive statements of what you want to happen. The simple affirmation “I am Calm”, can work wonders on a stressed mind. When you keep repeating them, they become a part of you, a way of your thinking. Affirmations can facilitate a positive perception of oneself and lower stress levels in doing so. When you are making an affirmation you are in the present. You are not distracted. Your brain is not clouded by self doubt.

Positive affirmations create a high level of confidence. Many actions in life are confidence based. Whether it is answering an oral exam, facing an interview, speaking in public or hitting a good golf shot, confidence is vital. On the other hand, anxiety and nervousness are the greatest enemies of performance. While entering the exam hall a simple affirmation like “I am calm and relaxed” or “I am well prepared” can work wonders. This kind of positive self-talk acts like a "mantra" and helps to maintain focus on best effort.

To make an effective affirmation one should construct a positive statement and make a “mantra” of the affirmation. The effect of the affirmation can be multiplied by repeating it often. Like a mantra you could repeat the affirmation mentally several times in a day. The mantra could be chanted aloud making it even more effective because you hear it too. With modern mobile phones and other portable devices providing voice recording facility, you could record your affirmation, which can be played back at will. The written word can be of great value in reinforcing the affirmations. I know of a friend who writes his affirmations in his diary everyday. As he goes through his appointments and other day to day work, the affirmations remain in his perspective. Another good method is to write your affirmations on chits of paper which can be stuck to refrigerators or cupboards.

For more detailed information on Affirmations you could refer to the book“Calm Sutra, the Art of Relaxation”.
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