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Dr. Dilip Nadkarni is an orthopedic surgeon specializing in treating sports and fitness-related injuries. He is a distinction holder in MBBS and a gold medalist in post-graduation in orthopedic surgery from Mumbai, India. His patients include top international sportspersons and celebrities engaged in fitness activity.

Dr. Nadkarni is attached to Lilavati Hospital in Mumbai, where he performs advanced arthroscopic surgery. He has written a book titled Knee Problem... No Problem, which deals with avoiding and coping with knee disorders. He also edits a website called

Dr. Nadkarni's another book titled REAL Fitness gives a simple formula to fitness, which includes relaxation, exercise, attitude and laughter. He launched the "Fit India Movement" to promote fitness and give lectures on TV, radio, sports clubs, Rotary clubs, Lions clubs, social organizations and corporate bodies. He has scripted and produced an instructional fitness video "Fitness Forever".

After conducting several workshops on stress management involving meditation, music, visualization and golf, in India and abroad, Dr. Nadkarni has written Calm Sutra. With Calm Sutra, he gives a formula for a healthy, happy and stress-free living.

Dr Nadkarni hosts an interactive website, He has played table tennis at the national level and now plays amateur golf. He is a songwriter as well as a music composer with original works to his credit.

Dr. Dilip Nadkarni lives in Mumbai with his wife Rashmi, an anesthesiologist, and his sons Nishad and Rishab.

I agree with Dr Dilip Nadkarni when he says dance is a form of dynamic meditation. Dance invariably transports me into a spiritual zone.
Says dance diva and superstar, Hema Malini.

I like the way Dr Nadkarni has highlighted the role of music as a stress buster in his book. Wah! What a title Calm Sutra…
Says music legend Jagjit Singh.

The modern day cricketer would greatly benefit from the “Calm Sutras” described by Dr Dilip Nadkarni…
Says all time cricket great Dilip Vengsarkar.

The book Calm Sutra has Awakened the Awareness in me to take the Appropriate Anti-stress Action.
Says Navin Keswani, Chairman Managing Director, Aluplex India.

In Calm Sutra, Dr Dilip Nadkarni shows how Meditation, Massage and Music can add Magic to your life.
Says Mrs Savitri Babulkar Columnist and Reiki Master.

As a Golfer, I feel the Calm Sutra formula helps in playing better Golf, as the game is played more through the mind rather than the strength in the body.
Says K.B. MATHUR Director, Global Technical Services

Calm Sutra is one of the most profound books I have ever read, written in the most simple, precise and scientific manner. Calm Sutra is informative and enjoyable and helps you de-stress. It is a complete book in all respects and is a must for those who want to get the best in today’s “hurry/worry” lifestyle.
Says Shashikumar Bidvai ex Commander, Air India.

Dear Dr Nadkarni,

I have gone through the feedback for yesterday’s seminar. The response to the program has been 'Excellent'. Your session was reported as the best session of the seminar by majority of the participants. They have liked the format, content and the delivery of the talk. The trainees want more such programs and therein lies the feed back.
I look forward to more interactions with you for benefit of Mumbai Police.

Mr. Sadanand Date
Additional Commissioner of Police

Dr. Dilip Nadkarni could well be the next Deepak Chopra, if Chopra learns to sing!

Says Erica, a delegate at a Wellness Workshop in Debden, UK.

CALMSUTRA: Now you don't even need the Bedroom, do it in your Boardroom !

Well… That's because Calmsutra is the art of "Relaxation"..!

One of the most brilliant talks ever conducted at the center, this was a roaring success with a packed lecture hall rolling in splits with the man with an eclectic wit and sense of humor, while renowned for - not just his "Mikaholism" but his accolades as An - "Orthopedic Surgeon"… The speaker was Dr. Dilip Nadkarni..

What started with poking at the commonest lame causes of inflated stress levels especially in the fast paced life like Mumbai, Dr. Nadkarni then explained so many quick fix solutions to these everyday problems, this talk really made stress look so insignificant that at least for the 2 hours that people were laughing their hearts out over his jokes, they could really put their real life problems behind, and enjoy themselves without any guilt.

In fact, when the busiest of Doctors can just shake off their worries like Dr. Nadkarni taught us, I think this talk goes a long way in teaching us what is the best way to live your life, Think and live in the present, change what you can and forget what you can't, life will take it's own course anyway…

Dr. Dilip Nadkarni was the highlight of the camp. He flew in from Mumbai to present his session on relaxation, de stress, creative visualization and affirmations. His session was thoroughly prepared for golf and for that age group. He managed to grip the attention of all the players for over 5 hrs with lots of jokes, music, singing and dance thrown in. He practiced a few breathing and meditative techniques with the all those present. I felt like I was rejuvenated and was roaring to go after his session. We were really fortunate to have Dilip who is a dear friend and good golfer himself. He has recently launched his book titled CALM SUTRA The art of Relaxation with a complete chapter in Golf.

Sonia Malhotra, in her review on the Golf Camp conducted for India’s top lady golfers in Kolkata. Sonia is the Chairperson of the Indian Golf Union (Ladies Section).

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