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Stresspassers will be prosecuted.

You can fish best, when the boat is steady.

There are bad days and there are days that I exercise.

If you don’t know your worth, you are not worth knowing.

Running a marathon is like running a company: You are the CEO, your mind is the capital; Your heart, lungs, limbs are your employees; Your preparation, your exercise and your diet are the investment; And “high” is the dividend.

Aerobic exercise is 100 per cent inspiration and perspiration.

If you do not stretch your muscles, you are stretching your luck.
Stretch or the stretcher, the choice is yours

Music beats the blues, soundly.

When the seven year itch is over, you better start from scratch.

You can wake up to the idea that a cat-nap can bull-doze all worries.

Saying is believing.

Meditation purifies your Atmasphere.

You can lay stress on the meditation mat, anytime.

Postures are vital in Calm Sutra. Your pose can expose you.
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