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Golf is intimately connected to Calm Sutra. Golf played with Awareness transports you to Nirvana. When you swing the club smoothly and hit the ball with the sweet spot of your club-head, a unique sensation is experienced. This sensation is multiplied as you see the ball in flight and go the distance. Nothing else exists. You are in the moment and that unique sensation is in you.

Says Arnold Palmer, one of the legends in Golfing history: “Golf is deceptively simple and endlessly complicated; it satisfies the soul and frustrates the intellect. It is at the same time rewarding and maddening - and it is without a doubt the greatest game mankind has ever invented.”
What is Golf?

The basic idea in golf is to hit a ball from a tee into a hole in the least number of strokes. The distance from the tee to the hole may vary from a mere hundred odd meters to over 500 meters. A par three hole demands that you hole the ball in 3 shots, a par four in 4 and a par five in 5 shots. You first hit a long shot off the tee, approach the hole with some accurate shots and then putt the ball in the hole. If you manage to hole a par four hole in 4 shots and I hole it in 5, you win the hole. The golf equipment consists of a set of 14 clubs or sticks. The game is played on a golf course usually of 18 holes. It is one game you can play alone, but is often played in pairs, as a threesome and most commonly as a four-ball. You usually walk more than 6 kilometers as you finish 18 holes. The game may sound simple to play considering you are hitting a stationary ball, but the unpredictability in golf makes the game exciting and addicting.

There are numerous benefits of golf. Golf is a great game to unwind. It can effectively ward off stress. Apart from the pleasure of hitting the golf ball, there is great happiness in all aspects of the game. The walk in the green open surroundings can be greatly therapeutic. In fact the body, mind, social stature and business contacts, all stand to gain by playing golf. On the holistic front, golf and meditation have been termed soul mates, with one complementing the other. The game with all the history, traditions and etiquettes contributes to the all round development of a human being.
Getting Started

Get hold of a golf set and look for a driving range or a public course. If you can afford a membership to a private club, nothing like it. A good golf teacher is essential in golf. The pro will teach you the correct grip, stance, body alignment, swing and follow through. The correct swing will not only help you play better, it will minimize the chances of injury.

For more detailed information on Golf as a stress buster, you could refer to the book“Calm Sutra, the Art of Relaxation”.
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